Lunchtime Recitals are held in the Cathedral and the Cathedral Song School generally on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month at 1-1.45pm followed by refreshments in the Cathedral Song School.

The regular third Wednesday Organ Recitals (by Organ students of the Royal College of Music by kind permission of Professor David Graham) alternate with general music recitals for piano, voice, jazz etc. This year is the eleventh annual series.


17TH JULY: David Graham,
Professor in charge of Organ (RCM)


18TH SEPTEMBER: James Tett, RCM Organ
23RD OCTOBER: William Fielding, RCM Organ
20TH NOVEMBER: Kei Kei Tzei, RCM Organ


8TH MAY: Ian Kelleher, Guitar
22ND MAY: Eric Chan, RCM Organ
5TH JUNE: Irina Vaterl, RCM Piano
19TH JUNE: Samuel Ali, RCM Organ

18TH JANUARY: George Tarlton & Jiva Housden, Guitar Recital
(in the Cathedral Song School)
22ND FEBRUARY: Adriana Cristea & Greta-Nike Gasser, Violin & Piano Recital
(in the Cathedral Song School)
29TH MARCH: Art Wangcharoensab, Violin; Voice with Piano
(in the Cathedral Song School)
5TH APRIL: Xiaoting Chang, RCM Organ
3RD MAY: Nicholas Mannoukas, RCM Organ
17TH MAY: Reiko Fujisawa, Piano
24TH MAY: Alex Fishburn, RCM Organ
21ST JUNE: Alan Montgomery, RCM Organ
5TH JULY: Petit Chanteurs du Mont Royal, Choir
20TH SEPTEMBER: Christopher Strange, RCM Organ
4TH OCTOBER: Laurence Long, RCM Organ
18TH OCTOBER: Eric Chan, RCM Organ
15TH NOVEMBER: Magdalena Jones, RCM Organ

13TH JANUARY: David Silkoff, Piano
20TH JANUARY: Alan Montgomery, RCM Organ

3RD FEBRUARY: George Davis, Organ/Clarinet
and Michael Horner, Jazz Piano

17TH FEBRUARY: Jack Stone, RCM Organ
2ND MARCH: Art Wangcharoensab, Violin, Tenor
and Pop Piano

16TH MARCH: Domenico Gioffre, RCM Organ
30TH MARCH: Giacomo Banella, Double Bass
acc. by David Silkoff

13TH APRIL: Michael Horner, Jazz Piano
20TH APRIL: Georgina Sherriff, RCM Organ
4TH MAY: Reiko Fujisawa, Piano
18TH MAY: Kayol Lam, RCM Organ
1ST JUNE: Julia Wilson-James, Soprano
2ND JUNE: Christopher Mazen, Gospel Singer and Pianist
15TH JUNE: Nicholas Mannoukas, RCM Organ
6TH JULY: Dominic Bentham, Piano
(featuring Ethan Chan, Violin and Caitlin Chan, Cello)

20TH JULY: Christopher Strange, RCM Organ
14TH SEPTEMBER: George Tarlton, Guitar
21ST SEPTEMBER: Laurence Long, RCM Organ
19TH OCTOBER: Alex Fishburn, RCM Organ
26th October: Giacomo Banella and Andrea Cristea,
Double Bass and Violin
23RD NOVEMBER: Eric Chan, RCM Organ
30TH NOVEMBER: Jeffery Wilson, Saxophone
acc. by Jane Sitch
7TH DECEMBER: Michael Frith, Organ

Highlights from the Music@One Series

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