The Cathedral & Parish has a number of choral and instrumental groups which provide music for church services and liturgies and offer training to their members. Below is a list of music groups and ensembles active at the Cathedral & Cathedral Parish:

The Cathedral Choir

The Cathedral Choir was established in 1991 to provide music for major liturgies for the Diocese and Cathedral. The choir sings regularly at the 11.30am Mass during term time and for the Christmas and Easter services. The Cathedral Choir has toured extensively including France, Italy and Ireland and has made numerous recordings and a number of BBC and ITV broadcasts.

Choristers (Boys)

The Cathedral Boy Choristers were established in 1984 with boys drawn from the local primary schools providing singing and music training as well as providing singing for the liturgies. As well as singing as part of the Cathedral Choir since that was established, the boy choristers continue to sing occasional liturgies and concerts on their own either at the Cathedral or in Parishes of the Diocese as well as on tour.

Choristers (Girls)

The girl choristers were established in 2001. They sing as part of the Cathedral Choir and also occasional liturgies and concerts on their own either in the Cathedral or in Parishes. Recently the girls have been on tour to various churches and chapels around the UK including singing at evensong at Pembroke College Chapel, Cambridge and also singing in ‘A Festival of Choirs’ concert at St Edmund’s Church, Loughton.

Cathedral Music Group & Instrumentalists

This group of singers and instrumentalists have provided music at the 9.30am and occasional 6.30pm Sunday Masses for the Cathedral Parish since 1982, providing a wide variety of music repertoire as required for the various liturgies. The group also performs a wide range of liturgical musical styles including contemporary hymns and worship songs as well as Taizé chants and traditional catholic hymns.

Youth Choir

Former choristers of the Cathedral Choir and youth musicians from around the Diocese of Brentwood sing occasionally in the Cathedral Youth Choir continuing their vocal and musical training as they develop their work as singers and musicians. The repertoire is generally accessible choral liturgical music, both new and old. Recently the choir have been performing in concerts and weddings in various churches around the Diocese to much acclaim as well as take part in outreach youth musical projects in schools.

Choristers’ Instrumental Ensemble

Formed from an originally small number of instrumentalists from the choristers, this group is gradually expanding in number to help develop their instrumental and orchestral experience. It also complements their singing in the various choirs. The group gives regular concerts in the Cathedral and around the Parishes.

Flash Mob Choir

A large group of primary school children form this important musical group of singers and instrumentalists and they take part and lead the music at the 9.30am Mass at the 4th Sunday of the month in term time. As well as adding musically to the celebration the children benefit from important instruction in their early musical development.

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