The Music Department is responsible for the provision of music for the Cathedral, Cathedral Parish and for Diocesan liturgies.

The Department works closely with the Diocesan Departments, most especially the Liturgy Department.

The Department also provides training and resources for the parishes and schools.

The work also includes the running of the various choirs, including the Cathedral Choir, and the organisation of regular concerts, all of which serve to promote awareness of the traditions and developments in liturgical music.

Brentwood Cathedral & Parish have special Covenants with Chelmsford Cathedral and St. Thomas of Canterbury Parish Church, Brentwood. Various church services take place during the year in connection with this important work. Please see the following links for further information:

Chelmsford Cathedral:
St. Thomas of Canterbury Church:

Please note the website is currently being rebuilt on a daily basis.

A number of the Soundcloud track links on the music web pages are also on CD available to purchase from Brentwood Cathedral Music Office, or for further information on how to purchase a physical copy see Contact Information and call the Music Office or send us an email. They are also available online using the PayPal facilities.


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