Five boy choristers and one girl chorister attended the Award Ceremony on Saturday, 21st January 2017 at Chelmsford Cathedral. 

The Awards have run for many years and are a very important ecumenical occasion between our two dioceses of Chelmsford and Brentwood.  The Awards provide constructive training for choristers in singing and religious knowledge and awareness of the liturgy, greatly helping to develop their ability as choristers and awareness of the importance of the work.  It is a life-long benefit.  The Awards are validated to RSCM to Bronze and Silver level but still retain their original titles for the RSCM/EEL Area for Bishops and Deans.  The Awards were presented at Choral Evensong and were presented by the Bishops and Deans of Chelmsford and Brentwood Cathedrals.  Congratulations to all the candidates!  The successful candidates were:

  • Olivia Mills
  • Matthew Adams
  • Antony Fashesin-Souza
  • Alonso Gracia-Martin
  • Henry Man
  • Thierry Racon
  • Owen Romhany
  • Luke Simpson

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